Mr. Dream – “Croquet” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

One of our favorite newish bands Mr. Dream screwed around with security cameras in their playfully dark video for Trash Hit lead single “Crime.” You get more of that punk-slap humor in this clip for “Croquet,” directed by Alex Markman (who also did Twin Shadow’s “Slow“). We’re told (and can see that) the premise is, more or less, “about people being kind of shitty.” You might also want to read the following selection from Jerzy Kosinski’s Steps so you know why in one scene folks are tugging on each other’s junk in the backroom of Cake Shop.


When I was in the army, many of the soldiers used to play a game in which about twenty or twenty-five men would sit around a table, each of them with a long string tied to his organ. The players were known as the “Knights of the Round Table.” One man, whom we called King Arthur, held in his hand all the ends of the strings without knowing who was at the other end of each.

At intervals King Arthur would select a string and pull it, inch by inch, over the notched markings on the table top. The soldiers scanned each other’s faces, aware that one of them was suffering. The victim would do all he could to conceal his pain and maintain his normal posture. It was said that the few men who were circumcised could not play the game as well as those who were not circumcised, whose shaft was protected by a foreskin. Bets would be made to see how many notches the string would pass over before the torture victim would cry out. Some soldiers ruined themselves for life by sitting out the game just to win the prize money.

Mr. Dream:

Trash Hit is out now. Mr. Dream plays Glasslands in Brooklyn on 6/16 as part of the Northside Festival.