Mark Lanegan Covers Afghan Whigs

Lanegan does a properly slow, soulful, kind of blue take of one of his Gutter Twin’s classic Congregation songs “Tonight.” His go at the 1992 come-on’s from the forthcoming Summer’s Kiss: A Tribute To The Afghan Whigs, which includes a baker’s dozen of Whigs takes via Joseph Arthur, My Jerusalem, Zykos, etc. The idea for it started in the summer of 2006 when the Afghan Whigs fan site Summerkiss put out an open call for covers of Whigs songs and folks responded. You can hear snippets of the selected 13 (of nearly 100 submitted) at the Summerkiss label’s website, but first you can hear Lanegan in his smokey entirety here. (By the by, does Sam Holden’s photo for the tribute’s cover look at all familiar, gentlemen?)

Scared ya, didn’t I? Speaking of slow and smokey:

Summer’s Kiss: A Tribute To The Afghan Whigs is out 6/23 via Summerkiss. Check out the aforementioned snippets of the other tracks at the above Summerkiss site.