New Kate Nash Video – “Pumpkin Soup”

New Kate Nash Video – “Pumpkin Soup”

Tart tongued Brit girl Kate Nash is (Tom) jonesing for that kiss, but the vid tells another, over-the-top tale of heart-pawed pussies doing calisthenics in a love-blinded fantasy land of Valentine’s Day treats. Fine and cute, but what’s the deal with her dead-weight screenpartner? Seems like Kate just wanted to get some camera time for one of her real-life chums. Which, in its way, actually is pretty romantic.

Made Of Bricks is now in the UK and 1/8/08 in the States on Fiction.

If you like Kate’s “Pumpkin Soup,” here’s the recipe. And if you like Cold War Kids, take the jump for an unfortunate cover of “Hang Me Up To Dry.”


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