The Queen Is Dead Turns 25

Last year when Meat Is Murder celebrated its 25th anniversary, we asked musicians like Zach Condon, Drew Daniel, Frankie Rose, Jamie Stewart, the No Age dudes, and Pictureplane for their memories of, and attachments to, the record. It’s a year later and time for the especially beloved/regarded third Smiths album The Queen Is Dead to reach the quarter century mark. (It was released on June 16, 1986 in the UK, a week later on the 23rd in the States. The lead single, “Bigmouth Strikes Again,” came out a bit earlier in May. A different mix of “The Boy with the Thorn in His Side” surfaced months before that.) Since it’s such a classic with a weird personal tug to just about anyone who’s listened to it on repeat, we figured instead of asking a few people for their thoughts, it made sense to be more inclusive and to poll you, the reader. So, what’s your favorite The Queen Is Dead track? (Me: “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out,” even in demo form.) Favorite album-related memory? (Me: Too long to get into here, but it involves “Cemetery Gates.”) Hop to it: I’ve included the tracklist below to jog your memory.

01 “The Queen Is Dead”
02 “Frankly, Mr Shankly”
03 “I Know It’s Over”
04 “Never Had No One Ever”
05 “Cemetry Gates”
06 “Bigmouth Strikes Again”
07 “The Boy with the Thorn in His Side”
08 “Vicar in a Tutu”
09 “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out”
10 “Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others”

Live in 1986:

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