New Killers Video – “A Dustland Fairytale”

For this latest Day & Age video, the Killers enlisted the directorial expertise of Anthony Mandler. He clearly gets “concept” (see: he did like all of Rihanna’s most recent videos) which is good because from the first time you heard Brandon sing “blue jean serenade” to the time he brought a whole orchestra to Letterman, odds were this video was gonna be pretty conceptual. The Killers stay out of the way mostly, inserted interstitially into a dramatic narrative of an elder guy in the American heartland, thinking back on his American greaser past, his American drag races, his American Cinderella in a party dress. You know, classic All-American stuff. There’s more story than running time for the song, so the music’s bookended by some additional plot and acting. This video represents all at once the loss of innocence, the loss of the American dream, and the loss of Brandon’s heretofore terrible taste in jackets. Moving!

Day & Age is out.

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