Cornelius, Low, Frodo Do Yo Gabba Gabba

In the time since we last mentioned the favorite kids show for indie yuppie parents looking for ways to spend time with their little children, Yo Gabba Gabba’s had some Stereofriendly folks swing by their Nick Jr. studios. People like manic genre-deconstructing genius Cornelius, whose heavy Yo performance (in 6/4!) you can watch over at Jezebel. Teaching kids to count by playing them odd-time signatures? Nickolodeon, we applaud you. Before premiering, Gabba said it’d be about the “simple life lessons.” On that front, here’s Low’s Alan and Mimi, singing about Mommy, and Daddy, and loving them so.

So, far less stimulating than a live Cornelius jam, but you get the point. After the jump, Elijah Wood does the “Numa Numa” dance with some colorful creatures, and The Soup manages to mash a Gabba kid dancer with the “Gimme More” video. That doesn’t need a punchline, does it.

Elijah Dances The “Numa Numa”

Nathaniel Vs. Britney Spears