David Cross Visits Proctologist, Takes On RNC

From David Cross’s Cigar Corner:

Also, I have been asked to ?curate? a show at the Beacon Theater on Aug 31st to play opposite the RNC while it?s in town taking over nearly every venue in town. This is no exaggeration as Clear Channel (owned by supreme asshole Tom Hicks ? ex business partner of Bush and ex owner of the Texas Rangers) has allowed the RNC to rent every Clear Channel venue in town to hold ?functions? for the nice Republican folks who are coming to a place so wicked and heathen they think the Devil himself built it. That?s right, no shows at Irving Plaza or the Bowery Ballroom etc, etc for five days! 1500 Republicans on the corner of Bowery and Delancy in the Lower East Side? This I gotta see. Anyway, the Beacon Theater is one of the few non Clear Channel venues in town and so it?s going to take place there. I don?t know the exact line-up yet. I know Sleater/Kinney is playing, and possibly Le Tigre, and Built To Spill, and one other band. There will be videos by certain ?special guests? (Mr. Odenkirk!) from the big, beautiful noisy world of Comedy. Also, it?s not politically affiliated with anyone except various ?get out the vote? groups. Anyway, I?ll keep posting updates.

Thanks Kyle for the buzz.

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