New Publicist (Sebastian Thompson & Ian Svenonius) – “Momma”

Publicist began as the solo/side project of shirtless Trans Am/Weird War drummer Sebastian Thomson. He recently expanded things (including the band’s reach) by collaborating on nine tracks with longtime zany and Sassy frontman Ian Svenonius of the Make Up and, more importantly, Nation of Ulysses, etc. Judging from their “Momma”/”Stone Age” single, if they keep it going, they’ll be specializing in talky, funky electro-disco. Take a listen to the dance-floor populating Side A. (When I first listened I thought he was saying “Obama,” which changed things significantly.)

Publicist – “Momma” (MP3)

“Momma” b/w “Stone Age” is out 6/29 via the new label Touching Music. You can continue the dance party at MySpace, where two more Svenonious tracks are posted, including “Stone Age.”