YACHT – “Breaking The Law ” (Judas Priest Cover)

Here is the anti-authoritarian classic “Breaking The Law” in the hands of Jona and Claire of YACHT. If you don’t know YACHT and don’t know what to expect, just imagine Judas Priest but substitute the classic guitar riffs for cowbell and the raw metal for slinky post-disco and a woman singing for Rob Halford. Easy! The cover was taped for a SiriusXMU session, which YACHT played in promotion of their new LP Shangri-La (which is good). Here’s their take on Judas Priest, which is the most danceable Judas Priest has ever been:

The full performance airs on SiriusXMU channel 35 on 6/22 at 9PM EST, as part of the channel’s “SiriusXMU Sessions.”

Never forget the original video:

And, in honor of Judas Priest’s guitaristss, K.K. Downing and Glenn Tipton, how about some Sun Kil Moon.