Iceage, Prurient @ Stereogum/Sacred Bones Northside Showcase, Public Assembly, New York 6/17/2011

It’s been bubbling awhile, but the anticipation for Iceage’s sold-out American live debut boiled-over in the weeks leading up to the Stereogum/Sacred Bones Northside Showcase at Public Assembly. The underground excitement for co-headliner Prurient is always there — especially considering Friday’s set was his first in 2 years — but excitement was also ratcheted up recently with the announcement of a new album Bermuda Drain and a new direction. Both delivered: If you left disappointed at 2AM, it’s because you couldn’t get into the venue. The Danish teens offered exactly what they needed to via a an expertly sloppy/angry/cynical/nervous/cocky/unhinged/buttoned-down 20-minute set crammed with New Brigade highlights and an appropriately punk, anti-climactic into-the-crowd exit. (As I said before SXSW, Iceage are my Odd Future.) The more experienced Dominick Fernow, joined by Cold Cave bandmate Wes Eisold, followed Iceage with exceedingly precise power-electronic catharsis — it was violent, crisp, spastic, and, as mentioned, romantic. Sure, he wears a nice leather jacket now instead of ripping off his shirt like the old days and the Bermuda Drain material can be full-on danceable, but you won’t find a more compelling or uncompromising noisemaker — anywhere. I could go on about both sets for pages, but Ryan Muir’s photos are more interesting: In addition to Iceage and Prurient, he snapped pictures of BTW Cult Of Youth and The Men, whose Leave Home is a surprise favorite of 2011. We also have video clips of Iceage (note audience response to “New Brigade,” “You’re Blessed,” etc.) and Prurient’s “A Meal Can Be Made” shot by Todd Pendu of Pendu NYC.

If anyone shot video of Lost Tribe or Yellow Tears, their sets were also for the ages. (Also, it was openers Anasazi’s first-ever show, one that went over excellently.)

Update: Additional footage via grossymmetric (thanks, Kile). “White Rune”: