New Cursive Video – “Bad Sects”

“Bad Sects” equals “Bad Sex”… Get it? Looks like the hulking priest in the Nik Fackler-directed video for Cursive’s “Bad Sects” does, too. For the longtime Omaha crew’s topical look at homosexuality and the pulpit, father’s downing bottles of Jameson, looking groggily at a Bible and dreaming about blue tongues because he succumbed to impure thoughts with a new priest: “We woke to the chimes of the bells in the steeple and ran off to separate rooms. / They can’t know what we’ve done, / Or our whole world would come undone,” etc. Very ominous opening — shooting a bullet through a yellow (cowardly?) cross and all. Maybe it’s a continuation from the band’s video for “Big Bang“? Watch it, pun police.

The Law & Order overacting’s fun to behold and it’s always good to see those Cursive-catchy band shots (“you’ll never live this down”), but the message is très ho-hum. The peeved townsfolk chucking paper at the end reminded us of that post-goal kiss in Sigur Rós’s excellent “Viðrar Vel Til Loftárása.” (The priest has a smaller role in that one.) The Rós approach isn’t as ham-fisted, so all the more affecting. Actually, maybe that’s because we don’t understand Icelandic or Sigur speak.

Happy Hollow (more puns!) is out on Saddle Creek.

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