Marissa Nadler’s Songs From A Hotel Bed & Inside Central Park

At least we think this is a hotel bed, else Ms. Nadler maintains a beautifully manicured boudoir. The La Blogothèque crew wraps its sepia-toned lenses around goth-tinged chanteuse Marissa Nadler for three songs on this, the latest installment of their MTV-approved Take Away Shows series. Going in what we think is reverse chronological order (to fit the stark cinematography), here, after Marissa does some a cappella Leonard Cohen (“Suzanne”) while at a stop light, is Ballads Of Living And Dyings “Fifty Five Falls,” slowly unfolding under a long and steady zoom.

But first the action was in a moonlit Central Park.

Here’s “Silvia”…

And heere’s “Salutations In The Dark,” where we hear Marissa and Vincent Moon first mentioning the possibility of the Park closing…

It’s like Memento or something.

Marissa Nadler – “Silvia” (MP3)

Songs III: Bird On The Water is out via Kemado.