Seth Rogen Brings Huey Lewis Aboard Pineapple Express

Late yesterday a four-and-a-half minute sneak peek at the next Seth-penned flick went around and just as quickly went down. When it’s up again (UPDATE: it is — check it after the jump) we’ll get you a look, but know that it’s about weed (particularly, the Pineapple Express strain), it stars James Franco and soon-to-be-buff Seth as stoners that witnesses a cop commit murder, and it looks high-larious. But more than just a Freaks & Geeks reunion, it’s gonna be the movie to introduce Huey Lewis to Generation Superbad! Via VH1:

“I met Huey Lewis because he wrote a song for the movie,” Rogen revealed, confirming reports that the “Power of Love” singer lent his talents to the film. “I saw him after he saw the movie, and he was just going on and on about all the action in it and how he didn’t expect it to be a full-blown action movie.”

In fact, EW’s sources say he wants a track reminiscent of “Power Of Love,” maybe recapturing some of that Back To The Future magic.

Apparently that’s not the biggest surprise of the film, though. That honor belongs to James Franco. Seth says, “He is absolutely hysterical, and I dare say one of the funniest stoners ever in a movie. And it’s all compounded by the fact that it’s coming from a guy who you did not think had one funny bone in his body.” As we all know James Franco got fired as the lead in Knocked Up

But he is so, so talented.

Pineapple Express is in theaters 8/8/08.

Back by popular demand, the preview, which smells like god’s vagina. Check the robot Seth drops in the cough sequence.