New Hopewell Video – “Echo & His Brother”

Wow, videos are moving into more surrealist territories lately … who scored the Willy Wonka shit and can we get some? In the B.A. Miale-directed “Echo & His Brother,” Hopewell frontman (and ex-Mercury Revver) Jason Russo flies a skywriting paper airplane from his b&w, written-on-the-wall tenement reality (“evicted!”) into a colorful and creepy mâché land. And then happy lighting strikes.

Kind of like the scariest children’s show ever. Or The Rachel Trachtenburg Morning Show without the organic treats and MJ jokes. Are we really sure things are getting better? Because, man, those chilling, chiming sock puppet flowers are eerie. They also look kind of familiar … Maybe they have inflatable and/or pancake cousins?

Beautiful Targets is out on Tee Pee.