White Williams – “Luke And I”

We have plenty of love for the well-dressed one-time BTW and Andrew W.K. party school grad Joe Williams, so we’re delighted to bring you this week’s Drop, a joyful, mud-stepping extended instrumental that’s making us forget how cold it is outside. Mr. Williams explains the track as follows:

What’s the story behind “Luke & I”? Who’s Luke?
Luke is Luke Venezia of Drop the Lime and Curses. The song title refers to the two of us. I made the song mostly on my own in San Francisco. I flew to New York for the 4th of July and my birthday, and we did some tracking at his parents’ apartment in Tribeca. I tracked piano and Luke played jazz guitar. The guitar is heavily treated so it may not be recognizable.

Why’d you decide to do it as an instrumental?
I have a lot of material that doesn’t make it on the albums, a lot of it is instrumental. A lot of the music that doesn’t make it on the album are exercises, learning certain features of the software I’m using or trying out new effects or instruments.


Speaking of “the album,” White Williams’s excellent debut Smoke is out now on Tigerbeat6.