New Destroyer – “Foam Hands”

New Destroyer, new Destroyer, it’s a good day. We started foaming at the mouth after hearing/watching Dan do “Foam Hands” in Calgary, as did you guys before the thread turned into a sweet little Calgary meet ‘n’ greet. “Impossibly cool ballad” was the “that was awesome” synonym that day. Not changing a letter today. For the first minute and a half, the studio “Foam” isn’t far from what we heard from Bejar solo and live, painting with the same rough and skewed, oceanic watercolours in the studio, before the band and the vocalists and the keyboard-strings and the tambourine and the whistles come in. Nicely played, but the best part? The song’s so strong it would’ve sounded perfect with Dan alone.

Destroyer, Dan Bejar

Destroyer – “Foam Hands” (MP3)

Trouble In Dreams is out 3/18 on Merge. Destroyer goes on the road spring and summer of ’08. Those dates soon, for now, the tracklist:

01 “Blue Flower/Blue Flame”
02 “Dark Leaves From A Thread”
03 “The State”
04 “Foam Hands”
05 “My Favorite Year”
06 “Shooting Rockets (From The Desk Of Night’s Ape)”
07 “Introducing Angles”
08 “Rivers”
09 “Leopard Of Honor”
10 “Plaza Trinidad”
11 “Libby’s First Sunrise”

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