New Breeders – “We’re Gonna Rise”

Considering it’s been oh, five years since their last record, today’s been a relatively happening day for the Breeders. Earlier today we picked up on a Q&A which had Kim confirm the lineup (Kelley, along with Title TK’s Jose Medeles and Mando Lopez), month (April ’08), and triple-bass action (three basses, one song) involved with the band’s forthcoming, fourth release. Now 4AD makes it official: updating the release date (20 days earlier than we thought!) and listing some more of folks who worked on the album (Erika Larson, Manny Nieto, and Ben Mumphrey in addition to master Steve Albini).

Okay exhaustive parentheticals aside, something more (or, well, less) tangible: new Breeders music! The slow-tempo, lo-energy, cooing slacker ballad “We’re Gonna Rise” is streaming over at MySpace. Kim told Venus Zine she doesn’t think theory when she writes, but damn if her progressions don’t always have at least one surprise in there.

Also confirmed: The Breeders will be at SXSW, and Canadian Music Week, and Coachella. Yes.

Mountain Battles is out 4/8/08 on 4AD. There’s no new promo photo just yet, but how about the tracklist? Who knows maybe you’ll recognize a name. After the jump.

01 “Overglazed”
02 “Bang On”
03 “Night Of Joy”
04 “We’re Gonna Rise”
05 “German Studies”
06 “Spark”
07 “Istanbul”
08 “Walk It Off”
09 “Regalame Esta Noche”
10 “Here No More”
11 “No Way”
12 “It’s The Love”
13 “Mountain Battles”

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