New Super Furry Animals Video – “The Gift That Keeps Giving”

Spreading holiday cheer the Gruff Rhys way, SFA’s Xmas-y vid for the tender-hearted “The Gift” keeps on giving, or at least, paints a warm and fuzzy scene of the joys of receiving. Gather your nephews and nieces and loved ones, give ‘em a nice hug, and trust you’ll wanna make sure the little ones hang around for the lovely holiday moment at the end.

[UPDATE: Once upon a time, in place of this update, there was an embed for the “The Gift That Keeps Giving” video’s first iteration, in which Santa met with an unfortunate fate (i.e. a poker through the head). Little boys and girls across the world were startled and upset, and due to Grhys’s good grace and acknowledgment of the public’s dashed holiday spirit due to this scene, SFA are doing another edit, more in the spirit of the holidays. We’ll have that for your soon! Cheer up boys, your makeup is running.]

Might wanna keep on hugging those little ones a little longer. They get all the fun and we get all the stress out of the holidays anyway, amirite people? They can deal. Hey Venus! is out now via Rough Trade.

UPDATE #2: Final cut! Now with 100% more holiday cheer.