New Cryptacize – “No Coins” (Stereogum Premiere)

The new trio Cryptacize sorta reminds us of a Renaissance Fair held on the moon, so we were happy to see that their promo pic finds the California weird-pop crew perched together in outer space (ah, if only they were wearing armor). Cryptacize consists of Nedelle Torrisi, who was a Kill Rock Stars solo artist and recently put out a record on Tangram 7s, along with the Curtains’s Chris Cohen (ex-Deerhoof) and drummer Michael Carreira. “No Coins,” from their striking, pretty Asthmatic Kitty debut, is a patient, spacious duet about a barren garden, owing, loss: “No coins / we’ll never have any / but I was sure there’d be plenty.” Yeah, didn’t we all. The narrative shifts courses with last-second shakers, some Spanish guitar, and a blowing wind that spreads the seeds far and wide … Is this getting Biblical?

[Moon Pix by Kate Fruchey]

Cryptacize – “No Coins” (MP3)

See, it’s like a small town musical hosted by Lavender Diamond, only more down to earth. Right, even when they’re perched atop another planet.

Dig That Treasure is out 2/19 on Asthmatic Kitty.

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