Reunited Blur Perform Live At A Museum In Essex

Which opens the door for a few old people jokes, but the guys looked spry, especially on “Song 2.” (And Graham looks much happier than when we caught the sad sack at SXSW.) We’ve been keeping you abreast of Blur’s impending reunion, complete with the album speculation and sundry teasers. Over the weekend (6/13), folks got the real thing at the East Anglian Railway Museum near Colchester, also the site of their first public performance back in 1988 (poetic). The summer warm-up was billed as a “friends and family” gig. Blur have around 150 friends and family members. As you’d expect from the band’s first show as a four piece in nine years, they pulled out the hits during the two-hour set. It started with “She’s So High” and ended with “‘The Universal.” There were 26 others in between. We have the setlist along with some video.

“Coffee & TV”

“Charmless Man”


“Song 2″

The setlist:

01 “She’s So High”
02 “Girls And Boys”
03 “Tracy Jacks”
04 “There’s No Other Way”
05 “Jubilee”
06 “Badhead”
07 “Beetlebum”
08 “Trimm Trabb”
09 “Coffee & TV”
10 “Tender”
11 “Country House”
12 “Charmless Man”
13 “Colin Zeal”
14 “Oily Water”
15 “Chemical World”
16 “Sunday Sunday”
17 “Parklife”
18 “End Of A Century”
19 “To The End”
20 “This Is A Low”
21 “Popscene”
22 “Advert”
23 “Song 2″
24 “Out Of Time”
25 “Battery In Your Leg”
26 “Essex Dogs”
27 “For Tomorrow”
28 “The Universal”

NME has additional details. There’s another “secret” show tonight, UK folk.

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