spêcial club (jj’s elin) – “Celebris”

Last month jj gave us “no one can touch us tonight” & “ice” to celebrate Spring (and life). This time it’s “Celebris,” a song apparently celebrating everything: “Thank you for your answers, for your prayers, your love, everything. You the best! Keep writing! Keep Fighting! Keep it real! Keep it pure! This is what you get if you mess with us.” Which is a soporific slow-danceable gem, this time with male/female vocal tradeoffs and Knife-like artwork.

spêcial club (jj’s elin) – “celebris”
(Via Listen Before You Buy)

UPDATE: Sincerely Yours has added a release page that notes this is spêcial club, not jj, though it does feature Elin Kastlander on female vocals, obviously.

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