Cowboy And Indian – “Troubled Tracks” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

You may know Jesse Plemons better as Landry Clarke from the dearly departed television masterpiece Friday Night Lights. (And if you don’t know Landry, please take the next 54.45 hours to marathon all 5 seasons of FNL directly into your brain and your HEART to understand why everyone always tells you to do that. It’s great!) In addition to being the Dillon Panthers’ very own Rudy, fictional Texan sweetheart Landry fronted the fictional “metal” trio Crucifictorious. So now meet Cowboy And Indian, the real life band of the real life Texan Jesse Plemons. Also a trio, Jesse Plemons’s musical project is far from Crucifictorious, closer to Kris Kristofferson. The rootsy, bluegrass folk of “Troubled Tracks” is the band’s new single and first video. Plemons stars with a guitar, typewriter and a glass of whiskey, while a costumed couple (Daniel James and Jazz Mills ) gets teary in the cinematic little affair. Produced and directed by Sarah Wilson (Stella Bella Productions) and Daniel James (Native Fiction Records):

The single’s release party will be in Austin at Momo’s on 7/13. If you can’t make it, try this year’s ACL Fest; Cowboy And Indian are lined up to perform there. “Troubled Tracks” will be on the band’s full-length debut.