Pixies Reunite Again, Release $500 Box Set With Penis Graffiti

As previously reported, Pixies are releasing a deluxe, well packaged Vaughan Oliver-curated box set of their complete studio output. It was organized by A+R/Artists In Residence the design studio that also did the Ghosts I-IV deluxe editions. The caveat we gave then: The recordings won’t be remastered, just repackaged. Well, things change … looks like it’ll be mastered for 5.1 surround sound (thanks, klikger). Another thing we didn’t know then: Minotaur weighs 25 pounds, is two-feet tall, and includes penis art. As Frank Black says:

I like that the sheer size of Minotaur moves it into the category of being an art object as opposed to being just a CD box set. It’s not necessarily something you’d put next to your stereo, but on your marble coffee table with your other art books.

Yes, he wants you to buy it, but still. (Also, note to Frank: The words “sheer size” in relation to something including penis art is good for a cheap laugh, thanks.) We have video of the collection to give you a better, more tangible idea of the set’s worth.

For more Minotaur info head to Artist In Residence, where it’s currently for sale in the Deluxe ($175) and autographed Limited-Edition ($495) versions. If you don’t have the cash, no worries, we can offer you something Pixies-related for free: Last night at the Isle Of Wright festival, the band played their first show since those festival gigs in 2007. According to Rolling Stone, the set opened with “U-Mass” and included “Gouge Away,” “Gigantic,” “Head On,” and:


“Monkey Gone To Heaven”


Tonight the band’s appearing with Vaughan Oliver at London’s Village Underground to promote Minotaur. There are rumors that they’ll perform, but no confirmation on that. The note at Pixies’ MySpace:

This is a gallery exhibition for the work of Vaughan Oliver and Simon Larbalestier’s work for the MINOTAUR box set. THE PIXIES WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE! We’re not saying the Pixies will be performing, but we’re not not saying that either! What we will say is, YOU MOST DEFINITELY WANT TO BE THERE!!!! TRUST US!!


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