Who Needs Boxers When You’ve Got Ted Leo

A brief but revealing report filed by NY Mag this morning relays that a superfan at last night’s Leo show at Music Hall Of Williamsburg took audience participation to the next level … with the onstage introduction of his dangling participle.

It all started as the Pharmacists launched into ?Colleen,? and a fan threw a shawl up onstage. (?Is this a smock?? Leo asked. ?Should I do watercolors??) And then things got significantly more naked. Leo noticed a guy in the crowd with no shirt on. Fair enough. But when the singer mentioned the words ?New? and ?Jersey,? and the dude lit for the stage, where he was cordially offered a tambourine. Pounding away, he missed an offer to harmonize with Leo ? and instead, like a rapper making it rain, tossed the money from his wallet into the crowd. And then took off his pants. It was only when he started beating his head with a microphone that security came to remove him ? and he removed his boxers. Which also got tossed in the crowd. ?That turned dark,? Leo observed dryly.

Ted knows all about things going over the top, but not quite in the “hey look, there’s a dick on my stage” sense. And since it hasn’t been that long since our very own experience with an onstage streaker, we started thinking this might be a fun time for you guys to relive the horror/joy of similar experiences in rock show nudity. While you sit in remembrance of things past, take the jump for a NSFW photo from our last one…

Mute Math at Bonnaroo 2007, when the naked guy got up there

Ahh, the streaker from Mute Math’s show at Bonnanude. Brings back the memories. Fans of Mute Math and/or small penises should click here. Fans of Ted Leo and/or Graham Parker, click play for a cover of “Passion Is No Ordinary Word” from last night.