New Supergrass – “Diamond Hoo Ha Man”

The cheeky lads in Supergrass gave away a free live MP3 of the rockin’ “Diamond Hoo Ha Man” on their website a ways back. Now they have an awesome, rockin’, somewhat slower studio recording up at SuperSpace, along with some info:

As you might have guessed, Diamond Hoo Ha Man is going to be the first single release from Supergrass’ next album. The single is due for release on January 14, 2008 on strictly limited edition 7″ vinyl, so keep your eyes, ears or fingertips peeled if you want in on some of that action.

If your eyes wander down a bit to their friend list, you might notice that the numero uno spot belongs to “Diamond Hoo Ha Men.” We took the jump and came back with some more news. Via Diamond Hoo Ha Men:

Childhood friends since Kindergarten, Duke Diamond & Randy Hoo Ha started out playing Rammstein covers as part of a local residency. During this time they discovered they had an almost Jagger/Richards-esque knack for song writing.

They soon left Berlin and the residency for the bright lights of London where they now live…together.

Duke & Randy are infamously inseparable and although not officially partners, they share the same bed (Duke always on the right, Randy on the left), eat, drink and bath together.

It’s true they have a volatile relationship, but there’s no doubting this ‘Odd Couple’ make very special music.

We’re happy to see Rammstein tied up in the Supergrass mythology, but what does it all mean? Maybe this “Diamond Hoo Ha” teaser will give you some hints.

Not really. We admit it, we just like saying “diamond hoo ha.” The band’s still-untitled, Nick Launay-produced record is ostensibly out in March on Parlophone.

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