New Baroness Video – “Wanderlust”

Savannah metallers Baroness released the superbly epic and thorny Red Album earlier this year. (None of the guys sport face tattoos, but still, we imagine it’ll be one of those Blood Mountain crossovers … something about Georgia blood and water?) Well, now dudes have one helluva excellently confounding video to add to their list of accomplishments. The quartet pull out the historical treatment for anthemic standout “Wanderlust.” We get the general idea that the Native American woman, leaf, and canoe tie into amply bearded vocalist/guitarist John Baizley’s typically gorgeous Red Album cover art (he also decks out Pig Destroyer, Skeletonwitch, Kylesa, etc.), but even after reading the lyrics (“perambulation / wading / milk the keel through tidal slough at dawn / on and on … raise the bow and aim for crimson dawn”) and looking at the packaging with a magnifying glass, it still remains fuzzy. Take a look and see what you make of the spin-the-sperm wheel, the rabbit hunting, the old dude toting his junkyard instrument, and … yeah.

Wait, is that the priest from Cursive’s new video? Anyhow, bask in the drumming and that great guitar sound. We at least get that.

The Red Album is out on Relapse.

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