New Iron & Wine Video – “Boy With A Coin”

The excellent outing from Sam Beam this year isn’t topping year-end lists lke maybe we thought upon premature pontification (but we haven’t seen the Gummys results yet have we, oh suspense), but the LP still stands tall these months later, and “Boy With A Coin”‘s “African sounding guitar thing” remains a beautiful, bona fide thorn in SF-J’s thesis. The handdrums and handclaps masterclass changes locales and ethnic emphasis in the clip, though, Sam leading a flamenco-esque dance class for a bevy of black-clad beauties.

Iron & Wine at Pitchfork Music Festival 2007
[Iron pic from Pitchfork Music Festival ’07]

Not sure who’s the luckier one: Beam or the womenz. You know the lady with the grey armpiece is the teacher because she has a magic skirt. (We’ll swap for YouTube ASAP, non-Statesiders)

For your dance class:

Iron & Wine – “Boy With A Coin” (MP3)

The Shepherd’s Dog is out via Sub Pop.

UPDATE: YouTube for you to tube (thanks, getthebubbles).