Courtney Love Revives Hole

It’s tough not to rubberneck at the diarrhetic car crash that is Courtney Love’s online presence, but between Ryan Adams-feud updates and too many typoed etcs., we’ve also been checking the pulse on her long overdue Nobody’s Daughter LP. Advance listens of the perpetually delayed solo album — which has run through various guises, producers, and collaborators (Linda Perry among them) — have been occasionally promising but mostly terrible. In light of those stigmatic solo previews, Love’s made a move that’s transparently shrewd: Nobody’s Daugher isn’t gonna be a Courtney Love album after all. It’s gonna be a Hole album. Don’t ever let it be said she gets all her ideas from Billy Corgan. (Kidding! Let it be said all the time.)

NME has the details on the 11th hour switch in a lengthy post tracing the project’s history and current standing. Some relevant details:

Micko [Larkin] will be lead guitarist, and Hole bassist Melissa auf der Maur, though working on projects of her own, has returned for backing vocals, and may play bass on tours next year. The album is as good as done, with the rest of the touring line-up for now remaining TBC.

Michael Beinhorn produced, and Hole are planning a “touring festival” of the US next year. Here’s the first video journal from the studio. Its ten minutes offer precious little by way of actual album details (Melissa is coming soon to track vocals, and the Apocalyptica cello quartet will come in to add strings, and that’s about it), but it does offer a .mov document of the mix of sheer ramble and utter quotability that makes Courtney one of the most amusing oversharers in music. For instance: “I’m still treated like Mike Tyson meets a porn star when it comes to my financial life, but the rest of my life is pretty fun.” OK!

Makes sense! Not really! Also, this is not the first time Courtney’s talked NME’s ear off. Look forward to more babble from the studio in the run up to the album’s release, which is sure to be imminent (no it’s not). Tomorrow NME promises a track-by-track recap of what they’ve heard.

Hole’s Nobody’s Daughter is due sometime later this year or early 2010 on a label TBD. Maybe.