New Lily Allen – “Mr. Blue Sky” (ELO Cover)

We knew Billy Corgan loved ELO, but had no idea Lily would go from covering the Pretenders to the Light Orchestra’s “Mister Blue Sky.”

Very squiggly. We’ve seen folks talking about it as the single from her forthcoming album. Which strikes us as a tad sketchy — we’d heard she wasn’t making any progress recording that follow-up, and didn’t expect it until 2009. Hmm. PopDirt says it was recorded for a French SFR commercial, so maybe she just decided to commit the whole cover to tape, but the impetus was being paid a bajillion dollars by SFR.

Commercial’s here. Anyone wanna translate? If you prefer listening to an MP3 without the picture of Lilly decked in full barbershop gear, you can find it at the Official Lilly Fan Club. Well, thankfully, the picture’s over there, too.

And those retirement-by-25 rumors? “This was the biggest joke in my life and I just cannot believe people would actually believe this junk.” Yup Lily, people are so silly for believing the junk you tell ‘em! When will we learn?