And The Indie Song Of Summer 2011 Is…

Earlier this month we took a look back at “Indie” Songs Of The Summer 2001-2010 and asked you what 2011’s non-Katy Perry BBQ anthem should be. These were the top five tracks you nominated:

And your winner:

Congrats Foster. Here’s how it broke down…
Indie Song Of The Summer 2011 Chart

Foster The People formed less than two years ago in LA. While “Pumped Up Kicks” was released last September, it’s only now rising on Billboard’s Hot 100, currently peaking at #65. In the spirit of “Semi-Charmed Life,” “Kicks” is an undeniably catchy tune with a sing-song chorus that distracts from its dark storyline. Pay no attention to the homicidal narrator, though, and it’ll have everyone whistling at your pool party: iTunes | Amazon.

Foster The People’s debut LP Torches is out now on Columbia. Wear sunscreen.