New Girls Video – “Hellhole Ratrace”

When we saw Girls at SXSW, we mentioned that their acoustic-tinged psychedelic felt like neo-grunge, not so much in the sound, more in the look and feel of the players. There’s something equally anachronistic about the Aaron Brown-directed video for the San Francisco duo’s gorgeous “Hellhole Ratrace,” but this is more circa Kids (or maybe, to go backwards, Nan Goldin, or forward Ryan McGinley). Whatever the case, the slow-motion pan of sweet, friendly late-night partying offers a moving counter to the song’s theme: “I don’t wanna die / Without shaking up a thing or two / Yeah, I wanna do some dancin’, too / So come on, come on, come on, come on, and dance with me.” It’s sorta the nighttime version of the sun-speckled “God Damned.” Until the sun comes up.

(Via P4K)

“Hellhole Ratrace” has been floating around for the past year or so. The 7″ is out via True Panther Sounds, where you can find more Girls info. Expect a full-length soon. And expect them in your town soon, too.

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