New British Sea Power Video – “Waving Flags”

British Sea Power brace for a third showing of their nautically minded might early next year by posing Do You Like Rock Music? Depends on what you call rock these days, really. By first single “Waving Flags” and its dramatics and earnestness, their brand of rock music this time out comes with Bunnymen echoes and swelling guitars and references to drinking ages and ecstasy and congregations from many nations. BSP set the flag-waving anthem to walks through hallways, darkly militaristic shots, and a sped up scene of basement-studio construction. Not sure it succeeds at what it’s trying to be — mainly ’cause we just don’t know what it’s trying to be — but in no way do we blame that on the perfectly not random kite-flying bear.

Do You Like Rock Music? is out 1/14/08 in the UK and 2/12/08 in the States via Rough Trade.