Air’s Love 2 Revealed

A couple months ago we mentioned Moon Safari’s 10th Anniversary then apprised you of JB Dunckel scoring for a French comedy. That’s well and good, but now there’s news on Love 2, the French duo’s fifth album and followup to 2007’s Pocket Symphony. It’s the first of their collections put to “tape” at their northern Paris recording space, Atlas Studio. The band handled all the vocal duties themselves and again worked with Los Angeles drummer Joey Waronker, who played with them on their “Close Up” tour in Fall 2008. You can expect Love 2 in early October. We have the tracklist and info on the first singles and upcoming tour.

The tracklist:

01 “Do The Joy”
02 “Love”
03 “So Light Is Her Footfall”
04 “Be A Bee”
05 “Missing The Light Of The Day”
06 “Tropical Disease”
07 “Heaven’s Light”
08 “Night Hunter”
09 “Sing Sang Sung”
10 “Eat My Beat”
11 “You Can Tell It To Everybody”
12 “African Velvet”

Love 2 is out 10/6 via Astralwerks. A “viral single” of “Do The Joy” will be out digitally 7/7, with a proper single for “Sing Sang Sung” out 8/25. They’ll launch a European tour in early 2010 at Casino de Paris then head to North America in the Spring. More details when we have more details.

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