New Dave Gahan Video – “Saw Something”

Readers found themselves in a Depeche mode for Dave Gahan’s ominous, flickering “Kingdom” video and “Digitalism” instrumental, calling the material some of his best work in years. Well, here we are with the darkly balladic, slightly echoing anthem “Saw Something” and its soporific peephole video. It opens with shuteye Gahan awaking to watch the world’s pretty half-speed crawl: a faucet drips, cigarette smoke billows, a lovely but distressed lady in a black slips into an elevator. And, of course, there’s the requisite old inquisitive woman and her little dog. Gahan’s position in the narrative? Like, does he want somebody to share the rest of his life with?

Nope, he disappears into the crowd. Man, that’s one sharp-dressed Gahan. And he’s aged well. Maybe it’s because his world moves so slowly.

Hourglass is out via Virgin/Mute.