New Muscles – “Sweaty (The Juan MacLean Remix)”

After we posted the kooked house animus of “My Friend Richard” from Muscles awesome Guns Babes Lemonade, commenter Ryan wrote, “There’s just enough humour in his songs for some people to get it, and the brainless nu-ravers to completely miss the point. It’s really quite clever.” No GBL banger wraps up Muscles’ club-scene piss take better than “Sweaty,” poking at the hypocritical, one-inch badge pin mantras (“Peace! Love! Ecstasy! Unity, respect!”) and MDMA-fueled liasons (“my hand slipped into your hand, and it was awesome, and you were special). It’d be straight satire if it wasn’t such deeply awesome house prima facie, probably better than most of what the kids lampooned in “Sweaty” would listen to, anyway. The original’s below in video form, but first: DFA electro dancepunk crew the Juan Maclean turn up for remix duty.

[This “NICE PHOTO FOR BLOGGERS” comes via MusclesSpace]

Pushing the track two minutes further than in its original incarnation, John MacLean has little care for Muscles’ clever lyrical injections, or at least, there’s no humor in the darkly manic, clanging reworking. Or maybe there is humor after all, JM painting the scene with Muscles true intent. Peace, love, ecstasy my ass.

Guns Babes Lemonade is out via Modular. Original “Sweaty”: