The White Stripes Take Beck Bullfighting

Not literally. But as previously reported, the duo’s “Conquest” single does include a trio of tunes produced by the midnite vulture himself. Currently, you can nab the “Conquest” single at iTunes USA or you can traipse to the band’s MySpace to hear very brief snippets of the Beck-y B-sides (thanks for the tip, Auddy). Some info:

The full track listing for the digital maxi single is as follows:
1. Conquest
2. It’s My Fault For Being Famous
3. Cash Grab Complications On The Matter
4. Honey, We Can’t Afford To Look This Cheap
5. Conquest (Acoustic Mariachi Version)

Also, the three vinyl versions we mentioned with a load of record nerd detail a ways back are out 12/18 in the US and 12/31 in the UK. As far as an update to the actual sounds, we like Auddy’s description of the goings on: “Jack-dirty solos, Beck slide guitar and people going dutch on cigarette lighters, what more can you ask for?” How about a less superficial role for Meg in the “Conquest” video?