Feist Brings Grizzly Bear To The Today Show, Continues The “Ubiquity Tour 2007″

It’s just part of the morning routine: sift through the promos, sip on some coffee, and watch the Today show morph from its news-lite early hours into The View with a dash of Al Roker by, oh, 9:30AM or so. So yesterday, when Roker grinned away, standing family-portrait-style next to Hoda and Ann while Natalie Morales engaged Feist with some adorably bubbleheaded banter (“You pretty much went from indie-rocker to mainstream right away, so, sort of an overnight sensation!”), our BSS reflex was to be caught off guard (still). But only for a second; this is Leslie Feist, Grammy and Gummy beloved artist of 2007 ubiquity. She’s everywhere! And somehow that enrages people. Which is amusing, of course. It’s not like this is ’84 and we have to listen to the radio and hear the same song over and over. Sick of it? Change the channel! Backlash the backlash, we say. Listening to this pre-tune interview, it’s a nice reminder of where Feist’s been — from Bitch Lap Lap and back — and how it’s just genuinely her moment. Let’s get back to celebrating it, or at least, dunno, being cool with it. And listen, if you think you have mixed feelings about Feist’s “1234”‘s success, just think about Sally. Note: F sweaters are the new sparkly armbands.