2008 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees

It seems like only yesterday Van Halen were putting us through all sorts of drama re: who would and who wouldn’t attend the 2007 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame presentation ceremony. A year later, who cares? Really, by the time we die who won’t be in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame? Sorry for the ire, but as if hearing that infernal “This Is Our Country” wasn’t painful enough, now it’s coming your way via a Hall Of Famer! The committee announced the list of 2008 Inductees today and it includes Mellencamp, along with Leonard Cohen, Madonna, the Ventures and the Dave Clark Five, who didn’t make it last year (or the year before that). Twas the Material Lady’s first year of eligibility. The Beastie Boys, eligible for the first time as well, were nominated but didn’t make it. Maybe one too many giant inflatable penises? That’s okay, Buddhists are humble. You can dig deeper and look at a list of past inductees over at Rolling Stone. But whatever, we’re looking toward the future: Can’t wait for the “Vogue” superjam.