New Spoon – “Don’t You Evah (Diplo Remix)”

Sexy Spoon man Britt Daniel made a helluva splash in our annual hotties list, especially in the comment section — wow, ladies, you’re going ga ga ga ga … etc. What’s the first thing he does after hearing the news? Well, he joins forces with M.I.A.’s ex, Diplo for a saucy remix of “Don’t You Evah.” You can buy it for download over at Merge. We paid our 99¢ and took a listen: The original’s directions to the engineer are removed (would’ve been funny if Diplo rewrote ‘em to point back at the remixer’s hands), the varieties of percussion upped (the handclaps and shakers packed within all sorts of squiggles and grinds), and the whole thing extended by a chillier, synthier two minutes. The below image was the artwork on the download page … Just who is that behind that Easter Gummo mask? Does Terry Richardson know about this? Oh, by the by, the proceeds of your purchase go to support the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition. We’re only guessing, but maybe one way to be just is to avoid showing incarcerated dudes a photo of a girl sitting with her legs open? But what do we know.

SORTA NOT REALLY RELATED: Forget Britt Daniel, ever see Daniel Britt? Freaky. And a doppelgänger for WAS’s Chris Cain, too.

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