Elephant 6 Make A Movie

Pop some popcorn and break out the bongs: The folks at E6 got together and made a movie, Major Organ and the Adding Machine, a sister piece to the 2001 album released by the mysterious band of the same name. Judging from this trailer, the Joey Foreman and Eric Harris-directed slab of surrealist zaniness is basically what we would’ve expected, including a dancing Mangum lobster, folks in fake bears, a submarine sailing the seas of soup, and a kid-piloted aeroplane over the sea. The cast also includes members of Stereofaves Olivia Tremor Control, Julian Koster, Elf Power’s Andrew Rieger, and everyone from Dixie Blood Mustache.

All cool. As long Kevin Barnes doesn’t do another nude scene. Look for the Major Organ DVD along with an expanded CD, out in ’08 on Orange Twin.