Cassettes Won’t Listen Provides One Alternative For The Holidays

We’ve sampled some of Cassettes Won’t Listen (aka Jason Drake)’s remixing delicacies before with the nifty, shifty take on Asobi Seksu’s Tokyo-tinged “Strawberries.” But that was over a year ago, and that was just one track. With this year’s giving-season in full thrust, our friends at Music.For-Robots have teamed up with the man of deaf Cassettes to present an EP of ’90s-loving covers dubbed One Alternative for the excellent price of free. Which means of course, it’s the perfect musical gift if you’re on a budget. Jason’s taken bleepy, beat-y liberties on ’90s tracks from the likes of Liz Phair (“Fuck And Run”), Pavement (“Cut Your Hair”), Grand Royal supertroupe Butter 08 (“Butter Of 69″), and Blind Melon (“Change”). But our favorite comes with Drake’s take on this Barlow and Sebadoh III classic:

 Cassettes Won’t Listen – “The Freed Pig” (MP3)

Nice artwork, nice title. And kudos to Jason for not dabbling in any of these. The CWL/M.F-R EP is up for free download here, plus you can take it as instrumentals for your Karaoke Hero holiday party.

Look out for CWL’s Small-Time Machine LP on 3/11.