Radiohead Launch Chinese Blog

Radiohead is expressly opposed to China’s totalitarian tactics in the press and in Tibet, and yet Radiohead has set up a page on Sina Weibo, the media-censored country’s most popular microblogging service. “Testing the Weibo” is what it reads, and while the band hasn’t stepped forward on deadairspace or elsewhere to verify that account’s authenticity, Sina officials claim certainty that it is Radiohead at the helm in an official statement: “The account is verified so it is true” (which sounds like circular logic, actually), “It’s even recommended in our entertainment news feed.” The Radiohead Weibo had 60,000 followers and 4,200 comments by Monday, according to the AFP. Although a sizable portion of the comments logged reportedly express hope for a Radiohead concert in China, it’s highly unlikely given the band’s performances at Tibet Freedom shows and vocal support for Nobel prize winning (and jailed) democracy activist Liu Xiaobo. What kind of messages will the band post via their Weibo, what is the purpose of the site? Obviously they won’t be openly criticizing China’s policies in their posts given the country’s staunch censoring, although it will be interesting to see of Thom is able to get any of his cryptic musings posted at all, since even his posts talking about the weather read like potential coded manifestos or plans to release a King Of Limbs Vol. 2 or something.

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