Phil Selway – “Running Blind”

Phil Selway ushered in his solo recording career with last year’s LP Familial. The Radiohead drummer held back four tracks written for that album’s recording sessions, and has re-recorded them with a full band for a separate, new EP titled Running Blind. The title track features Phil in a fingerpicked and intimate mode, with minimal, moody accompaniment. I wouldn’t say this is particularly for fans of Radiohead’s music — theremin (or Ondes Martenot) aside — but it is absolutely for fans of Radiohead’s personnel. “This could be the last chance, open your eyes / call a truce, we’re scared, running blind,” my friends:

Philip Selway – Running Blind by Bella Union
(via CoS)

Running Blind is out 7/25 via Bella Union.

01 “What Goes Around”
02 “Every Spit and Cough”
03 “Running Blind”
04 “All In All”