Radiohead Makes A Commercial Just In Case You Haven’t Heard About In Rainbows

Actually that’s not entirely fair. It’s more like “just in case you haven’t heard that In Rainbows’ price may no longer be ‘up to you,’ but its packaging is.” Watch the jazz hands demonstrate (video via P4K):

Quite an Informational clip, eh? Awesome they’re trying (sort of) new things, mining unorthodox channels of getting people excited about an album’s release. Honestly — and, okay, selfishly — this last stab has left us conflicted: Anyone else wish Radiohead would go back to appearing a little more, erm, hands off (pun, for once, not intended)? It’d be more fun if they’d let their brilliant music do the talking instead of seeming, a little more everyday, to be incredibly shrewd, market savvy gents. But we guess their apparent interest in marketing and distribution this time is just an extension of this album’s “return to earth” vibe. Human, after all.

Anyway, Thom, let us do the marketing for you: The Eraser’s got some sick looking remixes out early next year, including efforts from the Field (yes), Burial (yes), Modeselektor (yes), and those previously posted online from Surgeon. Jump for details.

12″ Number One (out 2/4)
01 “Harrowdown Hill (The Bug Remix)”
02 “The Clock (Surgeon Remix)”
03 “Cymbal Rush (The Field Remix)”

12″ Number Two (out 1/28)
01 “Atoms For Peace (Four Tet Remix)”
02 “Black Swan (Christian Vogel Remix 1)”
03 “Black Swan (Christian Vogel Remix 2)”

12″ Number Three (out 1/21)
01 “And It Rained All Night (Burial Remix)”
02 “Skip Divided (Modeselektor Remix)”
03 “Analyse (Various Remix)”

All will be released via XL, and the UK gets vinyl treatment on 2/4. And yes, we realize Number Three comes out first and Number One, last. It’s like a countdown. “The Clock.” Dig.

Here’s the 15-second version of the spot, which apparently will begin rotating in the commercials for the shows you’re busy not watching because of the writers’ strike.