New Los Campesinos! Video – “Death To Los Campesinos!” (And Hey Now Youngster… Tracklist)

Group shouts, glockenspiels, lots of members, exclamation points — and yet Los Campesinos! sound fresh and vital and a step removed from the blog-bogged devices they’re wielding. It’s the winks to critics with references to bygone heroes that’s helped, yes, but the Sticking Fingers… EP was dud free, and now “Death,” a souped-up take on an old track, re-recorded for their forthcoming full-length, just does more to justify the exclamatory reception and punctuation. Here their rambunctious indie literally pops and bursts with rainbows, and balloons and kitties. Very punk. Death by confetti never sounded so good.

Los Campesinos! at Bowery Ballroom, NYC 11/30/07
[Pic from Los Campesinos! @ Bowery Ballroom 11/30/07]

Looking forward to Hold On Now, Youngster…, which is out in the US digitally 2/25, physically 4/1 via Arts & Crafts. HONY… also boasts a very wordy tracklist (not surprising) with just a few previously released repeats. Check it:

01 “Death To Los Campesinos!”
02 “Broken Heartbeats Sound Like Breakbeats”
03 “Don’t Tell Me To Do The Math(s)”
04 “Drop It Doe Eyes”
05 “My Year In Lists”
06 “Knee Deep At ATP”
07 “This Is How You Spell ‘HAHAHA, We Destroyed The Hopes And Dreams of A Generation of Faux-Romantics”
08 “We Are All Accelerated Readers”
09 “You! Me! Dancing!”
10 “…And We Exhale And Roll Our Eyes in Unison”
11 “Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks”