New Thunderant Video – “The Perfect Song”

We’ve visited with Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein in the past — on a nice date and behind the scenes at a feminist bookstore. With this new Thunderant video, the comedic twosome’s topped themselves, showing us the arduous, soulful recipe for creating “The Perfect Song.” Hint: include lots of rainbows, a Raggedy Ann reference, Dan Fogelberg love lines, a piano-laced ghetto rap, late-night guitar-strummed introspection, and, of course, some Primus. But you already knew that.

Nice mustache, Carrie’s faux boyfriend. At the end Lance and Corin look less than enthused with the jam, but hey hey hey, that track has some good parts. Namely Fred’s “punk part” and Carrie’s “alkaline / clementine / valentine / columbine / the flower not the high school massacre” rhyme. Undeniable. Really, why doesn’t SNL just make Carrie a cast member? She’s building up a fine little CV. You can find more Thunderant fun over at the duo’s official site.