Bad Skin, Doll Heart

  • Uncle Grambo brings us a sneak peek of Wimbledon, the new Dunst jawn. No, I don’t know what jawn means either.

    Scratch that. I do now.

  • NY Times internal memo reminds their lazy obit writers that “Every obit — EVERY obit — must say how we know the person is dead!” (link via The Kicker)

  • And while we’re talking about editorial style, The Gothamist instructs us What Not to Do When You Blog.

  • As reported earlier, Courtney Love dropped out of rehab and is now club-hopping in L.A.

    If you see this woman passed out in front of a burrito joint in Los Feliz, please alert the authorities. Do not give her money for hillbilly heroin. Think of Francis Frances Bean.