New Old Rilo Kiley Video – “Wires And Waves”

In 2001, what happens when you shoot a video that involves crashing planes for a song that includes lines like “sometimes planes they smash up in the sky”? Right, 9/11 happens and the Morgan J. Freeman-directed vid gets shelved. We don’t know that for sure, but “Wires And Waves,” from Rilo Kiley’s equally airplane-themed Take Offs And Landings, was shot in the Mojave Desert that same year, and seems like the imagery (the band drawing pics of planes with flames coming out the side, stock footage of planes taking off, the kids playing with a toy airplane, Jenny singing into a security cam, a paper airplane, etc.) would’ve come on like bad taste or an omen if it made to the airwaves. Six plus years later — it’s great fun. It remains a good song, but the real treat is getting a look at the younger, scruffier Jenny & Co. before they lost the plot with Under The Blacklight. Jenny’s hair is shorter, her pants longer, but she still has that knowing smile and charismatic, slightly off-kilter dramatic flair. Blake looks less creepy, but remains just as short. Most importantly of all: First Kiley drummer Dave Rock proves himself a progenitor of the hipster mustache.

Totally cute, but could they have been any heavier handed with the distance/travel metaphor? If anything, hopefully this taught them to be subtler when approaching a theme … Oh, wait.

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