New Britney Spears Video – “Piece Of Me”

So if you’re like us, you’ll watch the new Britney Spears video looking for one thing above the rest: a sign of life in her sedative-deadened eyes. (Bodily gestures approaching distinct and palpable dance moves are a barely required bonus at this point.) After the horror that was the VMAs and the non-starter that was the “Gimme More” clip … really we’d even settle for an editor-aided illusion of coherence (case in point: the Blackout LP).

What we get, true to title, is lots of little pieces of Britney. Literally — anything even approaching a two-part physical gesture gets a cutaway, or a splice with a frame from another take, for a three-minute pastiche of quickcuts and quickerpastes providing the semblance of a full video … and so a nice visual counterpoint to the album’s sonic construction. And through the smoke and mirrors of this latest piece it’s still clear that Britney has no sense of balance — not about being “Ms. Lifestyles of the Rich And Famous,” and definitely not when it comes to those rumpshakes and twirls.

Blackout is out.