Fair Ohs – “Baldessari”

Tropical UK post-punk trio Fair Ohs (who’ve dropped the ‘Thee’ from their name) release their debut LP Everything Is Dancing later this month. Download the album’s boisterous lead track “Baldessari” — along with its last track, 2009’s excellent “Summer Lake” — below.

Fair Ohs – “Baldessari”
Fair Ohs – “Summer Lake”

Everything Is Dancing is out here 7/26 on Lefse, and tomorrow via Honey High Records in the UK. Here’s the tracklist:

1 “Baldessari”
2 “Eden Rock”
3 “Colours”
4 “Yah”
5 “Almost Island”
6 “Everything Is Dancing”
7 “Hello”
8 “Katasraj”
9 “Marie”
10 “Summer Lake”